Managing Teams

Much like the transition from individual contributor to people manager requires an advanced skillset, so does the transition from managing individuals to managing teams. Today’s team managers need to find productivity gains wherever they can. For organizations like yours, that can be done through improving team effectiveness. Identifying, evaluating, and measuring team performance can create the productivity gains and cost savings that will differentiate your organization. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) can help you empower team leaders to make your organization more efficient and innovative.

Featured Topics

Team Engagement

In order to fully engage a team, not only does an individual’s personal goals need to align with that of the team, but the team’s goals need to align with organizational goals. Focused, engaged teams are more effective, which saves your organization both time and money.

Team Management

Managing teams requires a different skillset than managing individuals. Team management relies on proper team alignment, unified processes, stable relationships and impactful cultural traits. Effective managers need to focus on all four of these aspects while handling multiple perspectives and concerns simultaneously.

Conflict Management

Managers need to understand the differences between managing disagreements and managing conflicts. Conflict can be a source of team trouble as well as a source of team opportunity. Your managers need to apply the right tools to address those troubles and leverage conflict as a source of team improvement.

Additional Topics

Team Development

Teams grow and develop through clear team goals, shared effort, skill and knowledge building, clear behavioral norms, and feedback.

Managing Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are successful when a premium is placed on work processes that successfully direct and include virtual teammates.

Team Communication & Collaboration

Team collaboration depends on the nature of the team and the work they’re creating. Not all teams need significant collaboration.

Team Assessments

Valid, reliable assessments offer objective insights that managers can use to identify areas of focus to improve team performance.

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