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Professional Skills Development

The fast-paced and disruptive nature of today’s workplace rarely provides employees with the opportunity to focus on planning. Taking the time to think through negotiations before they happen or think creatively beyond obvious solutions becomes nearly impossible. For organizations to thrive, employees must possess highly developed professional skills to quickly and confidently adapt to complex situations. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) can help your team build these necessary skills.

Featured Topics

Critical Thinking

Your managers and individual contributors need to be open-minded, decisive, confident, and self-sufficient. Developing these characteristics will improve critical thinking skills, allowing them to more effectively communicate with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders within your organization.


Useful feedback is one of the most powerful ways to develop employees, yet only a third of employees indicate they receive the feedback they need to improve their performance. As managers transition from individual contributors, they need the skills to provide timely and relevant feedback to keep employees engaged.

Influencing Without Direct Authority

Most of your managers have less formal authority than they need to be self-sufficient contributors for your organization. They need to establish trust, credibility, and rapport to influence key stakeholders at every level of the organization and successfully complete projects while overcoming bureaucratic impediments.

Meeting Management

Your team members spend too many hours in low-value meetings. Proper meeting management creates an environment for ideas to be formed, decisions to be made, problems to be solved, and information to be shared. Formalizing your meeting management approach will move projects forward while increasing productivity.


Effective negotiation skills help employees create more opportunities for themselves and their team within the organization, and help the organization stay more competitive. Effective negotiation requires planning, self-awareness, and an expanded thought process in order to support all parties involved.

Additional Topics

Facilitating Small & Large Groups

Facilitating small and large groups requires a unique set of skills and techniques to ensure ideas are developed and problems are solved.

Presentation Skills

Effective presentation skills lay the groundwork for communicating ideas, strategies, and products to a variety of stakeholders.

Business Writing & Communication

Clear communication will streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and help employees complete projects on time and in budget.

Decision Making

Empowering employees to make decisions quickly, responsibly, and ethically will prevent projects from stalling and going over budget.

Join us at the Fluno Center

In addition to our Custom Development Solutions, we offer more than 70 sessions of professional development programs at the Fluno Center in Madison, Wisconsin. These interactive, hands-on courses give your employees the opportunity to practice and develop their skills alongside a community of peers. Relevant courses include:

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Instructors with Real-World Experience

Instructors for the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development blend world-class research with practical, real-world experience. Our instructors are hand-selected and continuously evaluated to ensure your modern learners leave the experience with practical skills they can implement immediately at work.

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