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Strategy Formulation & Execution

Rapid and disruptive changes are occurring in almost every industry today. Successful companies are able to monitor and respond to external opportunities and threats at just the right time, in just the right way. Your organization needs to prepare teams to respond to those opportunities in ways that support your organizational strategy. Strategy is both an art and science, requiring that every individual understands how they contribute to the success of your business. Without this shared understanding, employees feel disconnected and the strategy may fail. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) can help you unify your team around a shared strategic vision.

Featured Topics

Strategy Formulation

The key to a successful strategy formulation process is determining which one will work best for your organization. Traditionally, a single leader would use their experience and instinct to set a course. Today, companies are benefitting from using a strategy formulation team process with proven tools, rhythms, and measures.

Strategy Execution

Winners and losers in a competitive landscape are more often determined by their execution brilliance at the marketplace level than by the genius of their strategies. A well-designed strategic execution system creates organizational alignment, energizes change initiatives, and builds leader engagement.

Strategic Business Change

Successful organizations monitor and respond to external opportunities and threats at just the right time, in just the right way, fending off competition and increasing value for their customers and themselves. These organizations become known as strategic innovators by building the capability into their own workforce.

New Business and Organizational Models

How your organization creates and captures value can be a differentiator within your industry. Evolving your current model, or adopting a new one, can help your organization be more strategic, innovative, and resourceful during times of disruption and change. Truly innovative models transform industries and set new standards.

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In addition to our Custom Development Solutions, we offer more than 70 sessions of professional development programs at the Fluno Center in Madison, Wisconsin. These interactive, hands-on courses give your employees the opportunity to practice and develop their skills alongside a community of peers. Relevant courses include:

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Instructors with Real-World Experience

Instructors for the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development blend world-class research with practical, real-world experience. Our instructors are hand-selected and continuously evaluated to ensure your modern learners leave the experience with practical skills they can implement immediately.

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