• Reshaping the Purpose of the Physical Office Webinar

Reshaping the Purpose of the Physical Office

Two and a half years of remote and hybrid work have forced a seismic rethink of the purpose of the physical office space and work location. As it becomes clearer and better understood among leaders and teams that work is something you do, not a place you go, the need and desire of humans to periodically gather, bond, and accomplish shared goals while forging relationships still remains strong and important. In this evolving environment, the physical workplace no longer serves purely as a place for people to go, sit, do work, and attend meetings. The needs of people have changed and will continue to change. Workspaces must enable people to gather and collaborate, to break away and concentrate, to think and recharge, and still, to sit and work. This 45-minute webinar with CPED Instructor Shawn Belling will discuss how and why organizations need to rethink and reshape the purpose of their physical office locations.

Through this on-demand webinar you will gain an insight into:

  • How to rethink the purpose of the physical workspace
  • Pre- and post-pandemic best practices
  • Maximizing the value of physical space and optimizing the costs of space