Webinar Recording: Sharpening Your Executive Focus During Significant Disruption [Webinar Recording]

The sustainability of your business is dependent upon how well you lead through disruption. Executives who have clear focus during uncertain times will make more strategic decisions that support the long-term sustainability of the business and their people. This webinar recording will give you actionable insights into strategic agility, talent management, and organizational design that will have an immediate impact on your organization’s engagement and productivity.

During the webinar recording, you will:

  • Understand how change and disruption impact your workforce
  • Learn how to keep teams aligned, connected, engaged, and productive
  • Learn how to build agility and adaptability into your culture to bring out the best from your talent
  • Learn the two dimensions of agility and the key questions that you need to answer as you lead your organization through an unprecedented global crisis
  • Use an accelerated approach to develop business and functional strategies to accommodate organizational transition
  • Understand how to rapidly pivot organizational design to address changing business strategies and models

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