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The Post-COVID Business Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

Due to employee backlash, Google was forced to rethink their return to work policy. Once considered a "perk" to be earned, a work from anywhere policy is quickly becoming a necessity for recruiting, engaging, and retaining the kind of talent your organization needs to create a competitive advantage.

In this video, author and CPED instructor Shawn Belling will help you rethink your return to work policy and help you reimagine your organization to be more diverse, innovative, and appealing to digital natives.

After watching this webinar recording, you’ll:

  • Understand the benefits of adapting your organization and culture to support a work from anywhere policy
  • Gain valuable lessons learned from companies who have successfully adapted to accommodate remote and hybrid teams
  • Rethink your reliance on physical space and reimage a more successful future for your organization