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Change the Way you Change: Change Management Quick Start Guide

The only constant in today’s work environment is change. Whether it’s changing technologies, changing procedures, or even changes in leadership, it has become apparent that organizations are not properly prepared to handle the substantial amount of change they are facing. This guide helps organizations pull change from within their organization, identify which questions need to be asked before implementing organizational change, measure the impact of change, and prevent common mistakes during the change process.


Designing a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is critical. Through the creation of ideas that add value organizations, entrepreneurs and economies thrive amidst constant change. However, innovation is difficult, ranking as one of the most challenging aspects of business. Innovation is fraught with risk and challenge to the status quo that results in resistance. Additionally, misunderstanding about innovation abounds and leads to poor leadership and execution of good ideas. This eBook will teach you the leadership skills needed for success, help you weigh the costs of innovation, and identify ways to improve creativity within your organization.


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