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Taking the first step toward solving organizational challenges can be daunting. As a leader, you’re responsible for correctly diagnosing the issue, engaging the right stakeholders, and charting and championing a path forward. Consultants at the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development will partner with you during every phase to ensure you’re establishing the internal capability to solve today’s, and tomorrow’s, challenges. The worksheets and self-assessments below can help you organize your thoughts and get started.

Featured Worksheets

Change The Way You Change: Change Management Quick Start Guide

The only constant in today’s work environment is change. Whether it’s changing technologies, changing procedures, or even changes in leadership, it has become apparent that organizations are not properly prepared to handle the substantial amount of change they are facing. This guide will help you pull change from within your organization, identify which questions need to be asked before implementing organizational change, measure the impact of change, and prevent common mistakes during the change process.


Change Management Checklist

As a leader, improving organizational performance is one of your most challenging tasks. The first step is to ensure you have accurately diagnosed the root cause issue that is inhibiting your team from performing at a high level. Once you’ve identified the root cause, the Change Management Checklist will help you set the foundation for implementing a change project within your organization, identify the right stakeholders to involve in the initial planning phase, and understand how to get buy-in across the organization.


Featured Assessments

Organizational Innovation Self-Assessment

Innovation is the greatest challenge for organizations today because the pace at which technology and the market change is accelerating. Successful companies are building innovation into every aspect of their organizations. This brief, innovation self-assessment will help you reflect on innovation practices at your organization, evaluate which aspects of organizational innovation may need improvement, and understand the areas that contribute to some of your pain points.


Organization Design Assessment

In order to win in your marketplace, your organization design needs to be a deliberate process that brings together your structure, mission, strategies, and goals. The Organization Design Assessment will help you understand how your organizational structure may be impacting your goals and establish a foundation for re-aligning your teams to improve performance.


Leadership & Organizational Assessments

Looking for organizational and research-based assessments? Learn how our suite of assessments can help you uncover the root cause of your business challenges and design a data-driven solution to move forward.

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