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Business Analysis Certificate

Business Analysis

Business Analysis Certificate (Online)

Create customer and stakeholder value within your organization. Completing the fully online Business Analysis Certificate from the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development will help you improve organizational profitability and reduce costs.

Set yourself apart by gaining the skills you need to:

  • Reduce organizational costs and increase revenue
  • Improve efficiency and performance
  • Perform financial and operational modeling
  • Define business requirements
  • Conduct market analyses

Our programs and certificates add credibility to your work-ready skill set. Through the completion of this certificate, you’ll:

  • Learn from instructors with real-world business experience
  • Build your professional network
  • Discover new ways of doing business that raise your value and improve your organization

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All online programs offer a blend of Live Learning Sessions and pre- and post-session application activities designed to help you have an immediate impact on your organization. Through the programs, you’ll also expand your professional network with likeminded colleagues from across the country and learn from instructors with extensive business experience.

“I was surprised how much I learned about holding meetings in Effective Meeting Management & Facilitation. There were huge takeaways for me such as setting goals relating to the purpose of the discussion, identifying follow up dates to continue progress, and addressing side topics within the meeting to ensure a healthy development of the conversation.”

Tim Bent, Jr., Interim Director of Facilities & Events, Wisconsin School of Business

Who Should Enroll

Entry-level managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individuals who aspire to improve their leadership skills should enroll in the Business Analysis Certificate.

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There is no cost or commitment to enroll. By doing so, we can help you track your progress through the certificate and send you information about upcoming programs and professional development opportunities.

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