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Strategic Marketing Paves the Way for Success

Marketing provides essential insights and services for organizational growth. Strategic marketing – whether B2B or B2C – fuels sales goals, which drive organizational revenue. Furthering that strategic focus through the sales funnel has the power to help you create powerful, lasting customer relationships. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) ) can help you be more strategic with sales and marketing to accelerate year-over-year growth.

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Sales & Marketing Solutions


Align sales and marketing to accelerate revenue and profit growth while paving the way for long-term success. Our consultants can help you build the internal capabilities to understand customer insights, better attract qualified leads, and develop the right organizational sales ecosystem.


High-impact sales practices can transform the way your team engages with, and sells to, your target market. Individualized performance plans and one-on-one coaching will ensure your team members are getting the support they need to reach their sales goals.


Give your teams MBA-level education with the ability to later apply for retroactive credit by offering the Customer Insights Badge. This badge helps your team understand the fundamentals of modern marketing including conducting market research, marketing in digital environments, and brand management.

Development Programs

Customized, hands-on programming gives your team members the ability to not only learn new skills and techniques, but they’ll be also able to practice what they’re learning and receive immediate feedback. Build the sales and marketing capabilities needed to better leverage your competitive advantage.

Take a Strategic Approach to Evaluating Your Sales Ecosystem

Frequently, execution weaknesses trace to the supporting elements in the sales ecosystem, not to the talent base. A focused effort on continuous improvement – with honest inputs from the sales people – will yield the kind of productive supporting environment sales professionals require to succeed.

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