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Your talent is your competitive advantage. When your talent is engaged, your customers will follow. Today's modern workplace is agile, diverse, and more flexible than ever before. If your organization hasn’t built a culture where talent is engaged, empowered, and enabled to do their best work, you’re sacrificing success. To engage your workforce, you need a partner who will work with you to design individual and organizational development solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) provides a world-class instructional design team, instructors, and advisors who have decades of experience working on complex business challenges in organizations like yours.

We work alongside you to design a customized solution that resolves business challenges and supports your structure, processes, and people. The depth and breadth of our team paired with our diverse suite of assessments, advisory services, development programs, and coaching opportunities create practical solutions that will move your organization forward.


Immersive, hands-on learning opportunities lead by instructors who combine world-class research with real-world experience.


One-on-one or team action plans designed to assess and identify strengths, gaps, and pathways to individual and organizational success.


Validated, researched-based assessments that provide deep visibility into leadership styles and organizational culture issues.


Expert insight that will align talent management and organizational strategies through workforce planning and talent optimization.

Topic Areas

Our team of instructors and consultants can deliver customized content in a variety of topical areas within the following categories.

You bring unique challenges. We bring real-world solutions.

For 75 years, the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development has helped organizations like yours move forward. Partnering with us drives organizational success while enhancing productivity and igniting innovation. Our expert learning and design team works with you to understand your needs and determine the right blend of assessment tools, advisory services, development programs, and coaching opportunities that will help you solve complex business challenges.

Together, we identify, implement, and measure the right Custom Development Solutions for you and your team.

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