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Harness the Power of Innovation as Your Competitive Advantage

In a global, connected world, competition and opportunities arise quickly. Organizations with the capability to rapidly innovate will succeed. Innovative organizations not only navigate constant change but are able to achieve new levels of success during challenging times. Organizations who cannot keep up with rapid innovation will become irrelevant. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) can help you create a culture of innovation that harnesses emerging technologies to ensure your organization stays relevant in the changing economy.

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Innovation & Digital Transformation Solutions


Innovation is a managed process that unleashes the knowledge and capabilities of the team you have. Our team can help you diagnose the barriers to innovation and begin building your innovation muscle so you can pull innovation from multiple places within your organization.


Our expert coaches will work with your leaders to build the skills they need to foster a culture of innovation, creating step-by-step processes to bring new ideas to life and fuel creative thinking within their teams. We’ll help your leaders develop a digital mindset to drive innovation.


Build strategic innovation and data analytics skills across the organization by offering badges to your team. These customizable learning opportunities offer your employees MBA-level education with the ability to later apply for retroactive credit. Badges are currently available in Strategic Innovation and Data Analytics.

Development Programs

Expand your thinking beyond traditional boundaries and harness the power of innovation and digital transformation. Our team of learning and development specialists will work with you to design and customize professional development programs around the topics of digital transformation and innovation as it relates to the current and future business environment.

Innovation is the New Competitive Advantage

Innovation is one of the biggest challenges organizations face and is critical to success and long-term growth. Successful companies are building innovation into every aspect of their organizations. Take this innovation self-assessment to evaluate where your organizational innovation may need improvement.

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