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Culture and Organizations

Your organization has a culture, regardless of whether it’s actively managed. Organizations that clearly define their desired cultural outcomes and identify the behaviors that help them achieve those outcomes have a higher likelihood of building capability and achieving their goals. In those culturally-focused organizations, employees experience higher role clarity, enjoy greater empowerment, and contribute to higher-performing teams. The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) can help you align your culture to achieve organizational success.

Featured Topics:

Leading Cultural Change

Culture is comprised of the (often unspoken) behavioral expectations of your employees, which can differ from what’s printed in your handbook. A leader’s role is to recognize the need for cultural change, foster a guiding coalition for change, model desired behavior, and ensure the behaviors are well-supported.

Professional Ethics

Professional ethics are foundational elements of any successful workplace. Establishing an organizational system of appropriate conduct helps your employees navigate ethical dilemmas, engage in productive and constructive debates, work more effectively in cross-functional teams, and focus on organizational growth.

Additional Topics

Optimizing Culture for Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations that engage team members in line with their overall mission and strategy can optimize their culture.

Wellbeing & Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows individuals to act intentionally, which increases focus, personal effectiveness, and engagement.

Creating a Culture of Respect & Inclusion

Leaders who genuinely want to create a diverse workforce will role model inclusive behaviors and sponsor inclusivity with intention.

Culture Assessments

In-depth Cultural Assessments make defining a desired culture and identifying actions to change cultural behaviors more actionable.

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In addition to our Custom Development Solutions, we offer more than 70 sessions of professional development programs at the Fluno Center in Madison, Wisconsin. These interactive, hands-on courses give your employees the opportunity to practice and develop their skills alongside a community of peers. Relevant courses include:

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Instructors with Real-World Experience

Instructors for the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development blend world-class research with practical, real-world experience. Our instructors are hand-selected and continuously evaluated to ensure your modern learners leave the experience with practical skills they can implement immediately.

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