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Manager Boot Camp (Online)

The transition from individual contributor to people manager is one of the most difficult and risky career transitions. This fully online program focuses on the process and principles that characterize excellence in people management and how to successfully make the transition from individual contributor to manager.

Over the course of 13 modules delivered over 13 weeks, participants learn the essential elements of people management and process awareness that drive productivity, performance, employee development, engagement, motivation, and retention. Each module consists of self-study pre-work and exercises, a live 90-minute instructor-led, interactive learning session, and post-session skill application and reflection exercises.

Participants start by exploring six essential conversations managers must master to get the best out of the teams they lead, as well as developing and practicing skills in process and problem management, managerial communications (including understanding communication styles, EI, situational leadership, coaching, and conflict management), and change management.

Course Pre-Work and Post-Work: Each of the 13 modules consists of assessments, discussion forum exercises, videos, and/or reading assignments. Additionally, each module requires post-work application action planning, exercises, and/or self-reflection. Please allow 2-3 hours to complete these items each week.

Who Should Attend

New managers, supervisors, those with high potential for a management role, individuals who have not received formal management training, and experienced managers who want to hone their management skills.

This program is also offered in-person at the Fluno Center. View Manager Boot Camp for more information.

Continuing Education Units

This course provides 3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)